Cap Pavilion

picture of house

Cap Pavilion was built by us in 1988 as a home-away-from-home and not as a holiday home per se. The house is furnished with an eclectic mix of objects from around the world, from the places we have lived. It is part of our lives and we are happy to share it with you.

The villa is situated on the top of a hill above "Anse Galet" with 360 degree panoramic views. It is surrounded by 4 ˝ acres of partly landscaped garden but mostly by native Cap Estate vegetation - we cut down as little as possible, bearing in mind that the cutting takes a few hours but growing takes years or even centuries. We hope you will explore the grounds - there is much to discover!

Cap Pavilion is a fully staffed private villa so you can enjoy the hustle and bustle of the daily shopping or - let us do it for you. Let Sandrine cook a variety of local and international dishes and Marcella take care of the cleaning and laundering while you relax at leisure…. Go snorkeling (equipment in the house), discover Secret Beach (no, we won't tell you where it is!), play golf, explore the island by road or sea or…. the choice is yours.

Cecil, Sandrine's husband, takes care of our house which was inspired by the old plantation style designs of Oliver Messel in Mustique and Barbados. The floors and columns are coral rendered and the house is decorated in a signature Messel green. In the drive in front of the house stands an old sugar pot as there used to be on the plantations. The house consists of 3 wings built around a central courtyard. The two wings have sundecks on the first floor. Cecil also takes care of the pool which is situated below the house, out of sight. Families with small children should be aware of this: it does call for vigilance… we should know as we had 6 of them growing up with the house.

Our gardener Lawrence looks after the many different fruit trees on the property: papaya, mango, pineapple, coconut as well as the bees which produce sweet Cap Pavilion honey. The natural setting attract a variety of wildlife including hummingbirds, birds of prey, geckos, neon caterpillars which then become enormous butterflies.